What Kind of Penguin Are You?

| June 26, 2014


What Kind of Penguin Are You?

Is Your Child a Fun-Loving Penguin? Or A Cute, Cuddly Penguin?
What Kind Of Penguin?

Written by A Professional Children’s Performer, “What Kind Of Penguin Are You” is a wonderfully engaging rhyming book that brings you closer to your child as you read it.

In the tradition of Dr. Seuss, Maurice Sendak and Shel Silverstein, “What Kind Of Penguin Are YOU?” can be read again and again, with a timeless message of personal identity.

After having done several hundred shows for babies all the way up to grades k-12, John “Bones” Rodriguez has written the first in the “Who Do You CHOOSE To Be?” series. These books are for your children to learn that they can choose to be who they want to be- not just when they become adults, but right NOW.

Interactivity and cross-sensory stimulation can help your child grow in awareness. The Fisher Price (Go Baby Go! Bat and Wobble) Penguin is very popular penguin toy, as are Penguin Pile-Up and Penguin Race.

These toys can be played with while reading “What Kind Of Penguin Are You?”, and you can ask your child what kind of Penguins are in the toys to help them make connections.

The Penguins of Madagascar also have their own identities, and you can ask “What Kind Of Penguin Are They?” when watching or holding a Penguin Plush toy.

As you read the rhyming poetry, and as they see the illustrations change very minimally, they understand themselves as special, wonderful and fun- either as Penguins, Children, or anything they choose!

There are repetitions that the child will learn, and they will soon sing a long with you. “WAIT A MINUTE” (You’ll know what that is when you read it!)

A wonderful book for ages baby to 3, and 4-8 when they can read it themselves.

Included in the digital version are extra bonuses like a Print-And-Color-Me Penguin that many children are using to create their own Penguin drawings. “What Kind Of Penguin Are You?” is answered many times, with many different drawings and pictures.

There is also a website where Parents can sign up and get great parenting ideas, like creating penguin beaks, and learning how to speak to a child so they can better understand.

The printed version is a perfect size to pack in a Skip Hop Zoo Pack Little Kid Backpack- Penguin version of course!

The author has worked for Fisher-Price and Mattel, and performed for children of all ages for over 12 years in schools around the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut areas. He performs an Improvisational Comedy show where children interact and become part of the show, dreaming up their own characters, dialogue and action.

Imagination is at the forefront of the author’s shows, and Penguins are a very ppular animal among the children. Disney Characters get new storylines, and Disney princesses end up saving many a prince! Anything goes in the shows, and the children’s input is critical.

When you buy “What Kind Of Penguin Are You?” you are getting years of experience, fun, and imagination for your child, and the confidence that it brings. Please read it again and again!


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