You Had Me at Merlot

| June 26, 2014


You Had Me at Merlot

In the wake of being unceremoniously fired from her Manhattan-based copy editor position at a wine magazine, Hale Martin must now pack her bags and head to her grandmother’s funeral. She hasn’t been home to Haven Harbor, Florida, in five years, and still fragile from her recent divorce, her heart isn’t into putting up with her oddball family and the town she grew up in. Along with all the tears, flowers, and mystery ingredient casseroles, the funeral also brings painful memories and shocking secrets. Hale finds comfort in her appreciation of wine, her dream of being a novelist, and the rekindling of her friendship with her old high school crush, Jordan Valvano. In her search for answers, direction, and purpose, Hale just might find true love–and better still, herself.

Warning: this book contains adult situations with sexual content, drug and alcohol references, sexual situations, and language; 18+

Bestselling author, Marley Gibson, brings a heart-warming, often comical, emotional roller-coaster of a ride in her new women’s fiction book, YOU HAD ME AT MERLOT.


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