Synaptic Overload

| June 27, 2014


Synaptic Overload

A distraught man with a flat tire on a coastal road discovers his old saxophone in the trunk, plays to the storm, and finds himself accompanied by a voice from the ocean.

A group of strangers, called together by a young parapsychologist, quickly learn the only thing they have in common is that they have all been haunted since birth by the same specter.

An unscrupulous doctor creates a fat eating virus that burns away the pounds while you sleep. The trendy new Sleep Diet clinics offer the ultimate weight loss experience, until the virus mutates.

The crew of a military radio communications truck lose contact with the satellite network after a tactical nuke is used on the field. As they struggle to re-establish communication, they lock on to something in orbit that quickly disappears and leaves only questions.

These previously published stories and several never before published stories short stories are part of “Synaptic Overload”, an anthology of horror, science fiction and fantasy stories.

Contains an exclusive sneak peak of “Teller’s Cove”, a novel of horror by R.W, Van Sant., to be published summer 2014.


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