Galapula, The Great Codex of Times: Metaphysical & Visionary Fantasy

| June 29, 2014


Galapula, The Great Codex of Times: Metaphysical & Visionary Fantasy (Paranormal & Urban Book 1)

Did you ever think that using your imagination can make things happen?

Maybe you believed you can, yet was afraid to try?

“Galapula” is about Anishi, an unusual boy who was born with a heart bigger than normal size, and therefore always carries it in a pouch attached to his belt.

One day, Anishi discovers two major things that turn his world upside down. One: his beloved grandfather, an astrophysics professor who mysteriously disappeared eight months beforehand, has turned into a roach while attempting to make contact with extraterritorial creatures.

Two: a blue electric creature, a Galapalian by the name of Circula needs his help.

Anishi’s has never left his house nor helped a blue electric creature saving the planet. But Anishi has one skill he learned from his grandfather, to use his imagination.

When reading the book you will learn about the ancient knowledge of the Mayan calendar, in a simple text. You will learn that your imagination is the most powerful tool exists and that your weakness can become strength. You will discover the power of humanity and the power of connection, and you will realize why this book is called by audience a “battery book”.

Galapula is an electrifying adventure about thoughts and their manifestation.

Charge yourself up and grab your copy today!


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