Dead Links: (An Amanda Katt Thriller)

| June 29, 2014


Dead Links: (An Amanda Katt Thriller)

What if the Internet could control you?

Investigative journalist Amanda Katt’s engagement takes a strange turn when her fiancee becomes obsessed with Araknee, one of the most popular websites ever made. As she investigates, Katt discovers others have fallen under the spell of the website, and the owners of rival websites are dying under mysterious circumstances. When Amanda tries to uncover the secret of Araknee, she finds herself drawn into a conspiracy that could threaten the world.

Fans of William Gibson and Michael Crichton will appreciate this exciting thriller.

“Bold heroine choice and palpable sense of place” – James Blakley

“I really enjoyed it, could hardly put it down” – cog11

“The action fairly good, realistic and coherent” – SGL

“An exciting and engaging thriller that hooked me from beginning to end.” – BJ Fraser

Length: 134,000 words


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