The 7th Tarot Card (A Four Sisters Mystery Book 1)

| June 30, 2014


The 7th Tarot Card (A Four Sisters Mystery Book 1)

Vic Morgan is divorced, bored with her job, and languishing in a major rut. To shake things up, she goes on a vision quest and meditates daily on an exciting, new life. But “exciting” can mean many things, and she may not have been crystal clear in her supplications to the universe.

Unusual events begin to occur. Frightening calls from a phone-breather escalate to gifts left on her porch. And her enigmatic neighbor, Judah, has caught her eye. Secretive and possibly dangerous, his sensual dark eyes and mysterious past both intrigue and disturb her.

Adding to the troubling state of affairs, she reluctantly agrees to play private detective for a few hours and follow a friend’s husband on a suspicious, last-minute camping trip. But the simple favor quickly accelerates into a deadly game of cat and mouse when he ditches the campground and heads for the airport. Stunned but determined, she makes a reckless decision: purchase tickets and follow him.

One part mystery, one part romance, with a generous dollop of humor, this story is a fast-paced adventure, but also includes a pinch of introspection and a dash of paranormal.


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