The Reset Button: Jeff Hunt (Digital Natives Book 1)

| July 1, 2014


The Reset Button: Jeff Hunt (Digital Natives Book 1)

This is the story of America told high speed and in reverse. Smart, funny and dystopian, the setting is America in a future that has returned to a colonial and frontier state among modern ruins. The characters are Eponymous Bleaker, doomed President of the Lame Duck Party, and the children soldiers he entrusts to save the nation by giving them instructions to follow the Wire, a digital highway that promises to be the only way to escape the Big Dark, the great Depression of their times. While Royal, Olympia, Old Boy, Rabbit, Fearless Leader and the rest of the under aged regiment travel the Wire they must evade Feudal Lee, a warlord who controls the population by culling parents from their children. Welcome to Americas new civil war. Can the children soldiers honor Bleaker’s dying request to move the capitol brick by digital brick down the Wire to save the empire? Stranger things have happened. Read it and root root root for the home team, if they don’t win it’s a shame. The Reset Button is the 1st part in the Digital Natives Series.


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