Desperate (Harris Trilogy Book One)

| July 1, 2014


Desperate (Harris Trilogy Book One)

Despair was all Kate Monroe had ever known. Every member of her family had perished in tragic situations. Kate wondered how she would ever survive alone on her small farm in Durham, North Carolina during one of the most heartbreaking times in American History, the Civil War. Meanwhile, her treacherous neighbor, Bob Lewis attempted to force Kate into marriage. Kate detested him and refused to succumb to his advances. She cut her long, gorgeous hair, and donned her beloved twin brothers Confederate uniform. Desperate to flee Bob Lewis, Kate joined the infantry fighting bravely for the South. One moonlit night Captain David Harris discovered the young recruit was in fact a beautiful woman when he stumbled upon her bathing in a nearby creek. Kate stirred a fire in David that only she could quench. Will their love endure the turmoil and tragedies of war?

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