Jessie Slaymaker’s Non-Existent Love Life (The Jessie Slaymaker Series Book 1)

| July 3, 2014


Jessie Slaymaker's Non-Existent Love Life (The Jessie Slaymaker Series Book 1)

Definitely put this on your 2014 To Read list.

A great read and highly recommended. Now just have to wait for the next one!!”

#39 in Kindle Free Contemporary Romance section December 2013

Safe, dependable Jessie Slaymaker has committed the cardinal cliché of falling in love with her boss—the dashing Charlie Davenport. Not that he’s actually noticed her. But Jessie’s comfortable, if fruitless, infatuation gets turned upside down when she lays her eyes—and a lot more—on her boss’s slightly unkempt­ but delectable little brother, Jack. Now Jessie finds herself chasing one brother while being chased by the other.

A once-in-a-lifetime business trip to the bright lights of Hong Kong gives Jessie the chance to get closer to Charlie. And what’s a trip to the big city without a little corporate espionage, some double dealing, and an amazing career opportunity? But Jack hasn’t stopped pursuing her… and Jessie’s not sure she wants him to.

The time has come for Jessie to make a choice. Will she continue to play it safe? Or will she take a risk and land the man of the dreams?


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