Chance in Hell (A Noah Chance Mystery Book 1)

| July 3, 2014


Chance in Hell (A Noah Chance Mystery Book 1)

“Well, the book on you is that you’re an alchy, a loser without a lot of promise. A man without redemption.”

Ten years ago, Noah Chance lost everything: his son, his wife, his career. Since then, he has been sinking deeper into alcoholism and self-destructive behavior, picking fights he cannot win. Just when he’s down and almost out, the phone rings….

Ann Walsh lies dead on her dining room floor and all fingers point to her estranged husband, Lt. Owen Walsh, LAPD. Brought in to establish a credible alibi for Walsh, Chance promises only one thing: to chase down all leads until he discovers the truth. What he finds will place his life in danger, test both his tenacity and his integrity, and give Chance a chance, at last, to escape his private hell.


“Michael Seaver displays an uncanny ability to reveal the soul of private detective Noah Chance, corrupted by years of pain and the ugliness of life. Given a case to work, he finds suspects in front of him and his life encroaching from behind; and when things break, he discovers what every peace officer knows—that he must become the law.”

—Gary Nanson, Gang Lieutenant
Los Angeles Police Department, ret.


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