The American Flag: Explore The History of the United States Flag Through Its Many Changes

| July 4, 2014


The American Flag: Explore The History of the United States Flag Through Its Many Changes (

Explore the History of the United States Flag Through Its Many Changes.

This book is intended to give an insight into the history of the United States flag. There are pictures of almost every official national flag that has ever flown over the US including the dates that these flags were in use. There is also information about which presidents served under each flag as well as when each state joined the union. There are also chapters devoted to care of the flag, how to handle the flag, displaying the flag, and when to display your flag. There is also a chapter on flag etiquette and the National Flag Code, which give details into laws that concern dealing with the flag.

The information in this book has been thoroughly researched and is presented in a way that is easy to read and understand. The author has also written the book to be both entertaining and informative. It was written with the young reader in mind, but the information contained within these pages will be useful to all. This makes this a great little book to add to anyone’s collection. I know you will enjoy reading “The American Flag” – Explore the History of the United States Flag Through Its Many Changes. I am also sure you will enjoy the over 50 images that are included to help the reader to understand the information and enjoy the book. It is said that pictures make it easier to learn and also it makes it more fun. This book is also perfect for someone that is new to America and wanting to learn about our flag’s history because of it simple easy to understand format.

No other country in the world can match the intensity of emotion we Americans feel for our flag. It has been that way for over 200 years. Americans have always taken great pride in our country which makes the flag that represents the United States also very important to all citizens. The flag has always had a place in the hearts of the American people, even though in the early days most could not afford to have their own flag. To most Americans the site of a flag displayed in a parade or on the mast of a large military ship can bring goose bumps of patriotism.

The flag has always been carried into battle in some form or another. In most cases in the past, there was one man that was given the job of carrying the flag onto the battlefield. It was his job to make sure the flag could be seen by all as well as to make sure the flag never fell to the ground. If he got shot someone else would take the flag and carry it on. It was important that the flag be held up high for all to see at all times as a symbol of hope and triumph over adversity. A good example of why this was so important is when Frances Scott Key wrote the “Star Spangled Banner,” He noted that as the bombs burst in the air over Fort McHenry, he could see by the light from the explosions that the flag was still flying over the fort. That assured him that the fort had not fallen and the union had not been defeated.

There’s no better feeling than when you’re in battle and pinned down by the enemy, and out of nowhere you see the American flag coming. Your heart skips a beat because you know help is on the way. There’s an old saying that said, “When you see the flag coming over the hill you know the Cavalry is coming”. The American flag has played a huge role in our country’s history and in the process became steeped in a history of its own. A history that every American needs to know and understand. A history that cannot and should not be forgotten. Patriotism must remain a large part of our culture so that this country can remain the superpower that it is today. Freedom is worth fighting for and our youth needs to understand why it’s so important. This book gives some insight into the United States Flag hostory.

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