Testing the Waters: Intriguing, Tragic, True.

| July 5, 2014


Testing the Waters: Intriguing, Tragic, True. (The Elements of Life Best-Selling Series Book 1)

  • Testing the Waters is the coming of age of Elizabeth Jeter. It candidly reveals the provocative and secret world of planned teenage pregnancy and the brutal consequences that follow.

Popular. Driven. The girl next door.

Once upon a time a beautiful teenager looked forward to school letting out

and the warm, carefree days to come. But in the summer of her fifteenth year,
things would drastically change. After reading a romance book sensationalizing
a young woman’s perfect life following the hookup with a wealthy prince charming,
Elizabeth set out to create her own fairy tale ending.This would become the beginning
of the darkest hour in her life.
Pregnancy. Bridesmaids. Jail.

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