No Man Sam: How far would you go to save a friend?

| July 6, 2014


No Man Sam: How far would you go to save a friend?

Samantha Leyton believes she is a fraud.

Her mother attempts to ignore her baggy clothes and sour attitude. Her ex-boyfriend, Brad, can’t fathom why she dumped him or why she no longer dates. Her art teacher is dubbing everything she paints some degree of “disturbing” or “troubled”. Samantha’s old artwork is hidden in her closet, her bedroom walls are painted black, and constant nightmares torment her, but she’s terrified to provide anyone with an explanation.

She believes she will never be whole again because the truth is far more terrifying than the lies she’s told herself and everyone else. She intends to keep her rape a secret forever.

When Charlie Cartwright, an old from her past, resurfaces, his family is in crisis. Despite the fact that his father has been shot in the line of duty, he notices immediately, that something is wrong with Samantha and is determined to find out what happened to the girl he used to know.

In the midst of the chaos, a vendetta against Charlie’s family surfaces and Samantha is in a unique position to help him, however she knows she must maintain her distance. She is sure that if he gets too close, he will see her for what she believes she is: a fraud wearing a purity ring.

As they inevitably grow closer, she strengthens her resolve, challenges her own reclusive choices, and encounters a love more powerful than anything she ever could have imagined.

When the vendetta reaches its boiling point, Samantha finds herself caught in the crossfire where more than her own life hangs in the balance. When she finally comes face-to-face with the vengeful man who haunts her nightmares, she must survive an arduous test of her wits and character, even if it means nothing will ever be the same.


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