Motivation Now: Productivity and Persuasion Secrets For Modern Day Excellence

| July 10, 2014


Motivation Now: Productivity and Persuasion Secrets For Modern Day Excellence and Effectiveness (60 Minute Success Series)

Discover and immediately implement these essential tools in just 1-2 hours.

Learn how to motivate yourself right now! It’s time to push past procrastination and master practical productivity. Whether you need to inspire employee motivation or your own personal work motivation, now is the perfect time to change your life. As you utilize the secrets in this book, not only will you master your motivation, you will become much more persuasive and be able to motivate others as well. More motivation can only lead to greater personal and professional achievement.

In this easy to read and apply ‘60 Minute Success’ book, you will find 7 key secrets to personal and professional excellence, efficiency and effectiveness. The immediately effective and proven emotional intelligence enhancing strategies outlined include:

• Revolutionize your productivity by uncovering the ultimate psychological secret to motivational success that goes against what most people believe

• Discover simple, effective and rapid motivational booster strategies to create continuous momentum so you can ‘get it done’ in record time

• Become highly decisive leader of yourself and others, who positively demands fast, consistent and confident action that increases efficiency and gets results

• Understand your instinctual and higher-level drives and rewards systems, so you can happily and effectively achieve your goals

• Uncover the cause of procrastination and create an empowering and motivating solution using just 3 simple questions

• Learn how to access motivating, inspiring and effective emotions that lead to peak performance states and your best quality work

• And much more.

Motivation Now is a highly practical easy to follow guide of simple proven strategies that produce powerful results. The strategies outlined have been used with great success with thousands of people and hundreds of personal clients that have sought professional productivity and persuasion guidance from the author, a highly regarded clinical and coaching Positive Psychologist.

The book also offers FREE trial bonus coaching from the author, Aleks Srbinoski.


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