Love Redesigned

| July 10, 2014


Over 8,000 people downloaded Love Redesigned in 2014

For five years it’s been just the two of them: Holly and her mischievous five-year-old son, Harry. Just mother and son, muddling along happily together. Until the morning when Daniel Madison—Holly’s estranged husband, and Harry’s father—shows up on their doorstep, asking to know his son.

At first, Holly resists exposing Harry to a father who never wanted children in the first place, a father who may not stick around for long. But to her amazement, the arrogant, childish Daniel she once knew seems to have softened, matured. He takes immediately to Harry, and Harry to him. What’s even more surprising is that Daniel’s arrival has reawakened powerful feelings in Holly: feelings she thought she’d left behind long ago. And he appears to feel just as strongly about her.

Now Holly must decide: How much has Daniel really changed? Can she rely on him to be a father to Harry? And can a love that once failed her be… redesigned?

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