Charles Middleworth

| July 10, 2014


Charles Middleworth

‘An insightful and humorous tale of the unexpected.’

‘A sardonic delight. If Thackeray had lived in the 21st century, then he might have written Charles Middleworth.’

What happens when Adrian, an actuary, has his banal and predictable existence turned upside down by sinister forces that he can neither understand nor control? How will he react to a revelation that leaves his life in turmoil? Will he surrender or strive for redemption in an altered world, where rationality, scientific logic and algorithms no longer provide the answers?

‘A wonderfully funny, dark and sardonic snapshot into the world of the much maligned actuary.’ – Sam Woodward

‘The limited world of a dull and awkward techno geek is galvanised by certain psychological revelations. Insightful, imaginative and full of subtle wit.’ – Harley

‘Charles Middleworth is a literary masterpiece with a carefully woven plot.’ – Amazon Reviewer

‘This was a captivating book, well written with a witty dry sense of humour.’ – Amazon Reviewer


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