Maternal Harbor

| July 10, 2014


Maternal Harbor

           Maternal Harbor now has over 100,000 kindle downloads.

Not just one, not just two, nor just three but four babies born
to friends.  The drama doesn’t stop there.  Murder, kidnapping, fugitives.  This story has it all.”  Debra Bahr, 5-Star Reviewer.

Teagan O’Riley was pregnant and alone when she met three single mothers at an OB clinic. A few weeks later, two of them are dead and the third is close on Teagan’s heels, intent on a campaign of twisted murder and insanity. Teagan cannot risk entrusting the three infants to the police with her finger prints all over one crime scene and her foot print smeared into blood at another. She flees with the babies to a wilderness cabin belonging to her lost love’s grandmother, but is even this remote location safe?

“The title caught my eye, but the first couple of pages drew me in, and by the end of the first chapter, I knew I was in for an all-nighter.  Carol Valma, 4-Star Reviewer.

“Felt like a fly on the wall in the story.  Couldn’t put it down.”  Shannon Marshall, 4-Star Reviewer.

“A fast-paced, edge of your seat book.”  Melinda Breen, 5-Star Reviewer.


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