Tommy Parker: Destiny Will Find You!

| July 11, 2014


Tommy Parker: Destiny Will Find You!

Time travel? Check.

Scary killers? Check.

Ghost stories? Check.

Monsters? Check.

When Tommy Parker packs his bag and goes to his grandpa’s house for the summer, he has no idea that his life is about to change forever. But that’s exactly what happens when his grandpa lets him in on a fantastic secret: he has a pen that lets him travel through his memories and alter the past! Imagine that! Being able to travel into your past and re-write history.

Tommy Parker: Destiny Will Find You! is an exciting adventure for kids that redefines the time travel genre. You’ll never look at your memories in quite the same way again…

A genuine page turner that combines historical events with a fantastic sci-fi adventure!

For readers aged 9+


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