| July 11, 2014



Singing a Song of Love

Singer Brierly Wilcox is determined to make her comeback tour the best one the world has ever seen.

After having a horrible year that involved being hospitalized for an eating disorder and having her boyfriend repeatedly cheat on her, she must put her past behind her.

Hiring the dark and gorgeous Forest Knight to be the lead guitarist on her tour, Brierly is instantly attracted to him. Yet she knows she must stay away or history will repeat itself. He is too much like her cheating ex-boyfriend for her liking.

As the tour heats up, so does their magnetic pull toward each other. Brierly soon discovers that letting go of her past is much harder than anticipated.

In this sizzling hot New Adult romance, prepare for all the action to be off stage. Warning: this book has scenes of a sexual nature that may not be appropriate for those under the age of 18.

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