Unintended Consequences – A Wartime Murder Mystery

| July 11, 2014


Unintended Consequences - A Wartime Murder Mystery

1943 : Wartime England. When a Nazi bomber is downed over rural Devon the pilot is shot dead with two neat taps to the head.

2003 : A respected aviation archaeologist excavating the wreckage becomes the target of an assassin. Two crimes, more than 60 years apart, don’t appear to be connected but their investigation leads the police and MI5 back to war-time Jersey as they attempt to unravel a series of baffling mysteries and a deadly secret that lay hidden for sixty years.

Praise for Les Lunt :

“A book that held my attention to the last page. A very much must read.”

“I enjoyed this book so much I have downloaded two more”

“This is one very moving, well researched and sensitive book.”

“A really cracking read with fact and fiction very cleverly melded”

“This is the type of book I look for and can’t get enough of. Well done!”


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