Sail With Me: Two People, Two Boats, One Wild Adventure

| July 11, 2014


Sail With Me: Two People, Two Boats, One Wild Adventure

Two strangers, Two boats, One crazy idea…

The live aboard sailing adventures of Bill and Rebecca; two solo sailors who island hop and coastal cruise, seasonally and on small budgets, throughout the northern Bahamas and south Florida.

Rebecca gave up a normal, somewhat hectic, existence with a promising career and home ownership to simplify her life and live on an antique 31-foot sailboat. She’d traded predictability and security for the unknown. Reinventing her working life, she becomes an artist, writer, and later, a marine mechanic. Captain Bill was working as a fishing guide in the Florida Keys and living aboard his 36-foot ketch. The two unlikely characters cross paths and a wild, new adventure began.

This is the first ten years of Bill and Rebecca’s sometimes unpredictable journeys at sea. Not independently wealthy by any means, they work to earn a living during and in between cruising adventures. While traveling, they anchor out to save money and rely on their own determination and skill to maintain their vessels.

Bill and Rebecca encounter the usual: storms, lightning, serene moments under sail, moonlit nights at sea, and endless stretches of white sand beaches. They also face the uncommon: a bizarre rescue attempt, hurricanes, squirrel attacks, mysterious wrecks, technical troubles, and a deceased outlaw grandmother.


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