Dinner for Two: Appetizers, Main Courses and Desserts

| July 11, 2014


Dinner for Two: Appetizers, Main Courses and Desserts

Dinner for Two, Healthy and Delicious 3 Course Meal made at Home

“Lynn Hall has crafted a well-balanced cookbook of the most sumptuous meals I’ve encountered. While others go the “safe” route by choosing to dine out, you can finally up the ante by preparing a special romantic dinner for two—and what can be more romantic and impressive than showing your date how awesome you are in the kitchen. “ — Amazon Reviews

“[From lip-smacking appetizers (that three-cheese fondue is fantastic), to main course (the marsala filet mignon is a must-try) recipes to even desserts (what can be more perfect than red velvet heart cakes?)” — Amazon Reviews

“These fun recipes are easy to make and leave room to give them your own spin! On top some healthy replacements (like zucchini sticks and marinara, mini pizza muffins). And for the deserts all the love “ingredients” like chocolate, strawberries, whipped cream/ ice cream are used just enough to give the evening that spark and leave a love lasting impression on your mate” — Amazon Reviews

Authored by Lynn Hall, “Dinner for Two: Appetizers, Main Courses & Desserts”This cookbook provides an excellent source of recipes for preparing a romantic dinner for two. You will find interesting and unique appetizers, delicious main course meals and decadent desserts

The recipes are based on deliciously healthy foods that you can prepare with a little bit of romantic flare, waiting for you at your local grocery store. There is no need to hit up the expensive specialty food stores in order to prepare a healthy meal.

In a very short time you will find that you can prepare a beautiful interesting and delicious 3 course meal at home for minimal cost and effort.

There are many delicious recipes in this cookbook including:


      • Appetizing and Nutritious Starters


    • Delicious Main Course Meals;



    • Tantalizing Desserts;


    This cookbook will provide you with a great source of interesting recipes that I hope you will enjoy for sometime.

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