Happy Ending: When Unworthiness Meets Enlightenment

| July 12, 2014


Happy Ending: When Unworthiness Meets Enlightenment

When Unworthiness Meets Enlightenment:

In April of 2002, Percival Aimes experienced a profound transformation of consciousness which dramatically altered the course of his life. This transformation opened his eyes to the simple yet extraordinary nature of reality.

In Happy Ending, Percival (a.k.a. Percy) recounts his painful story of unworthiness and how it related to sex and body image. With great humor and wisdom, Percy takes us on a journey through the eyes of an innocent child seeking freedom, acceptance, and love – a journey which finally culminates in a moment of enlightenment just after his 20th birthday.

This book offers a fresh take on an otherwise clich̩d topic. Enlightenment no longer needs to be shrouded in mystery or reserved for a select few Рsee how one young man came to this realization and why freedom is closer to our hearts than we may think.

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