The Suit

| July 12, 2014


The Suit

Alan Sorenson is a pawn in the corporate world hanging by his fingernails financially. A road warrior living out of a suitcase; he leaves the family he adores each Monday morning. Alan’s descent begins as he is fired from his job due to circumstances of his own making. Instead of facing his dilemma, he goes to ridiculous lengths to hide his failures from the family he adores.

Alan’s quest to secure a new job in time to avoid ruining Christmas for his wife and two young sons begins badly and quickly turns surreal. He finds a temporary solution in a local business run by a peculiar old couple. Coerced into playing Mall Santa to atone for his latest transgressions, Alan discovers that he is not the only one with secrets as he is pulled into their world. A serendipitous relationship with the odd little old man provides him with a solution to all of his troubles.

With scant resources and deteriorating sanity, he must choose between leaving the world that led him to his current situation and joining the old man in a confederacy of philanthropy. If he can learn to trust his heart and the old man, a wonderful new life is his for the taking. Despite his best efforts to sabotage his own recovery, a magical happy ending awaits.

The Suit expands the Christmas myth to finally provide an explanation for the mystery of how Santa Claus makes it to all of those homes in a single night. This heartfelt tale combines humor, suspense and just enough Christmas magic to create a world where anything is possible if we rely on our human instincts and quit trying to please all of the wrong people.

Publisher’s note:

This is a revised edition from April 2014 that has been edited to correct errors found in the original edition.

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