12 Ways to Make Now the Best Time of Your Life: A Journey of Discovery for Women

| July 12, 2014


12 Ways to Make Now the Best Time of Your Life: A Journey of Discovery for Women Ages 50 to 99

In the mid to later stages of life, many things change for us including our perspective. At a time when we thought we should have finally reached a place of contentment and relaxation, we run headfirst into the challenge of exploring life from a new perspective and discovering a new place in the world.

This book can help you not only to embrace the change but to see the change for what it was meant to be: an opportunity to make your life fuller, more exhilarating, and less limiting.

This time of life is not the end of a journey but the beginning of the journey we were previously too burdened by playing our designated roles to undertake. We have the opportunity now to find the truth of the being that we really are, a truth ignored by most people.

If there was ever a time in our lives to spread our wings and fly out of our cage of limiting beliefs, this is it. More than ever before, we now have less to lose by spreading our wings and soaring, and more to gain than we can imagine!

By reading this book….

– you will understand that what this time of life is for is to restart your life to better fit your heart;

– you can gain a much deeper sense of your place on the planet and the meaning of your existence;

-you can reach a more profound understanding of who you really are;

-you can attain the peace of knowing in the deepest part of your soul that NOW really can be the best time of your life!

Grab your copy now and start the best part of your journey!



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