| July 13, 2014



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It’s funny how what you see in the mirror influences how you look at the world and your place in it. Especially when what you see is an curvy, struggling, lonely, almost-41-year-old woman. And that’s just how pretty, skin care salon owner Louise sees herself.

But sometimes–when you least expect it–life presents a chance to create a new future, and to maybe even reinvent yourself. For Louise this happens when her best friend secretly enters a photograph of her in a contest at Glow, a local skin care company looking for models of all ages…AND sizes.

Can Louise take a new path–a path that might just lead into a new life–especially when it requires her to step right out of her comfort zone and into a bathing suit photo shoot? Heavens!

Sure, she desperately needs the prize money to help keep her skin care salon from literally falling apart around her, but can she bare herself–and eventually her soul–to the cute photographer who keeps flirting with her?

Wait. He couldn’t really be interested in her when he could pluck any normal-sized woman out of the Glow Girl contestant pool….could he? Nope, the handsome Glow marketing exec is a better, more suitable choice…or is he?

What’s a girl to do, but lose “Louise” and become the happier, more exciting and desirable “Lulu”.

Can she?

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