The Syndrome: Based on a True Story (Book #1)

| July 13, 2014


The Syndrome: Based on a True Story (Book #1)

Top 100 Amazon Bestselling Author  –Trail of 32

THE SYNDROME, “….Paul Rega does a masterful job of extracting what can only be described as raw emotion from his audience, in his most compelling novel yet.”

Inspired by a true story, Nikolas Renzetti’s life is not how he had planned it. Alienated from his children and on the verge of divorce, his escape from what was now reality, seems all but certain. For the first time, Nikolas begins to question his own mortality. His only daughter, Annabelle, has been killed in a terrible car accident. Her death was instantaneous–at least that’s what authorities told him. The accident was unavoidable, or was it? His search for the truth may alter the course of his life forever.

His wife Maria, having survived a cancer operation in the first year of their marriage, has turned on her staunchest supporter. Embroiled in a torrid affair, Nikolas is on the brink of a nervous breakdown. How does he survive his wife’s attack on his character and her ruthless use of one of the cruelest forms of child abuse? A brutal fight ensues; will it threaten the freedom of Nikolas and his oldest son?

“True, Raw, Gritty Real Life….filled with honest and raw emotion. You could literally feel the pain this man was going through and experiencing.” –RaeAnne Hadley, author of 119 Days
“….one story that will remain with me for a long time. I was constantly turning the page to see what happens and eager to read the outcome, that’s when you know you have a good book in your hand.” –D.G. Torrens, author of Amelia’s Destiny
“I loved this book–it took me on a roller coaster ride of emotions.” –L. Calell, author of Disconnected
“Paul Rega has spun an incredibly emotional story that has dramatically tugged at my heart strings. I could feel Nikolas’ pain, frustration, and overwhelming sadness as if it was my own.” –Michelle Ann Hollstein, author, Vegas or Bust
“….a masterful job of extracting what can only be described as raw emotion from his audience, in his most compelling novel yet.” –Joseph Sager
‘The Syndrome’ ….one of those moving stories that stay with the reader until the last page is turned, but not forgotten.” –Olga Guseva, Russia, Moscow
“A book that holds nothing back. If you are looking for reality, you find it in this one. ….no sweet love story with a traditional happily ever after.” –Lisa Gillis, author, Jack Who?

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