Mr Swirlee (Dev Haskell – Private Investigator Book 2)

| March 1, 2015


Mr Swirlee (Dev Haskell - Private Investigator Book 2)

Mr Swirlee (formally Mr Softee) is the SECOND off-beat mystery in the Dev Haskell mystery series.


Laugh a minute story line in another of Faricy’s deliciously engaging worlds…” -The Irish Gazette

Skirt-chasing, wise-cracking, dysfunctional Private Investigator Dev Haskell leaves his usual stool at the Spot Bar to take on what looks like a cakewalk job: keep ice cream mongul Mr. Swirlee alive. Turns out Mr. Swirlee is anything but a cakewalk… He’s a ruthless “entrepreneur” with a flash temper, a mean streak a mile wide, and a laundry list of people who want to do him in–including his sex-crazed girlfriend Lola. Things go from bad to worse when Dev discovers his client is running a gambling ring in his ice cream trucks. When his revelation is detected, a dead body ends up in the trunk of his car. Once again, our hero is in over his head. Thank God for Dev’s friend Tony “Dog” Colli, sometime friend a felon, who agrees to help out.

Murder, mayhem, romance, double cross, and bodies pile up as Dog and Dev follow their difficult client through the streets of St. Paul in the steamy summertime, spinning a colorful yard with a healthy serving of the bizarre. A fast paced tale of bottom feeders and the criminal class, Mr. Swirlee will leave you at turns gasping and chuckling your way through Dev Haskell’s screwy world.

“You’ll be chuckling at midnight and trying to remember when the dives close in your neighborhood…” -Crimeways Magazine

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