Cold River Rising (Cold River Series Book 1)

| July 13, 2014


Cold River Rising (Cold River Series Book 1)

Crime writer Ann Rule said, “Smith is a cop who’s been there and a writer on his way straight up.” Cold River Rising – soon to be a major motion picture set on an Indian reservation.

While on spring break from college, Native American Tara Eagle is kidnapped in a foreign land. With no help from the U.S. Government, Tara and her college friends, Indians from tribes from around the country, struggle to survive. She soon realizes that her new college ways will not help her. She finds that she must remember the ways her grandmother taught her, the traditional ways, so she and her friends can stay alive.

On the Cold River Indian Reservation, the new police chief from off the reservation, a former homicide detective from a horrific past, is asked to lead a rescue by the tribal council chairman. It is the chairman’s granddaughter, Tara, who is in peril. Bluefeathers, the tribal leader, flies to Washington, D.C., and during a hearing in a senate committee, he uses Indian sovereignty for something other than a casino – he declares war on the nation holding his granddaughter. He orders the rescue squad to leave on their perilous journey. They are joined by other tribes.

Cold River Rising, a story of a people coming together.


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