Sugar Addiction Mastery: Sugar Detoxing For Weight Loss

| July 14, 2014


Sugar Addiction Mastery: Sugar Detoxing For Weight Loss, Increased Energy & Healthy Living (Lose Weight Your Way Book 3)

Are you looking for a smart and easy solution to eliminating the sugar in your diet?

Sugar Detox Simplified

Have you been trying to drop your sugar habit but continue to fail miserably? Sugar is hidden in almost every food you eat. Actually, sugar is in every food you eat and the key is in knowing what is bad sugar and what is good sugar.

Then it comes down to understanding how much of the good sugar to keep in your diet. You will discover exactly this when going through a sugar detox because the dietary changes you make are the ones you stick with going forward.

Sugar Addiction Is No Laughing Matter

The author has been through his own sugar detox twice because he didn’t take the power of sugar addiction seriously the first time. It is easy to fool ourselves into thinking we got it all figured out and have “cured” ourselves.

What is even scarier is the number of people who have a sugar addiction, but do not realize it. People have no idea that the excess amount of sugar in their diets isn’t actually normal. Only through the dietary changes of a sugar detox can we learn what “normal” really means when it comes to leading a sugar free life.

This would explain why the CDC has stated that millions of people are on the verge of having diabetes and don’t even know it. Type 2 diabetes is preventable for the most part and yet it is becoming an epidemic. This all stems from consuming excessive amounts of sugar and not realizing the harm it does to our bodies.

Defining A Sugar Free Life

You need a solution to your blood sugar rollercoaster ride. A sugar detox is the start of that solution. A sugar free lifestyle is the way you manage the addiction. The easiest way to control your addiction is to understand why you turn to sugary foods first.

This comes through the journaling you will do during the detox. While the food you eat creates the sugar your body craves, it is your habits that feed your sugar addiction. The only way to discover your habits is to keep track of what you eat, when you eat it and how much of it you eat. You also record how you feel and what triggers the cravings for sugar.

When you discover these things, you remove the purpose of drinking all that pop and eating all that candy. Eating unhealthy has no purpose other than making you unhealthy. You most likely do not wake up every day with the goal of becoming even unhealthier.

The sugar detox is very simple to follow and with consistency, leading a sugar free life is just what you will do daily. You will no longer have to battle sugar because it will not be a part of your life. Being sugar free becomes your habit and stuffing yourself with three chocolate bars just will not make sense anymore.

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