The Delicious and Easy Dump Cake Cookbook

| July 15, 2014


The Delicious and Easy Dump Cake Cookbook: 25 Incredible Dump Cake Recipes ANYONE Can Make

“Never again will an impromptu dinner party result in no dessert – or even worse, store bought dessert! Simple and easy to make, even my daughter could do it!” – Linda S.

Ever been in a pinch for a last minute dinner party dessert? You know the feeling – “What do I make?” – “I don’t have any time!” – “Do I have enough ingredients?”

Now, this will never be an issue again, and you won’t have to try and pass off a store-bought dessert as homemade! (Sorry Grandma-can’t fool us!)

Buy this recipe book for 25 EASY and DELICIOUS quick desserts!!


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