Smoked (An Alex Harris Mystery Book 5)

| July 17, 2014


Smoked (An Alex Harris Mystery Book 5)

When the vegan wife of a local butcher shows up dead, the police think the husband is the most likely suspect. But the dead woman’s daughter is certain her father did nothing wrong and hires Alex Harris to find the real killer.

What Alex discovers is Maria Kravec had a nasty streak, using her blog to take revenge on her philandering husband. But the more Alex probes, a whole slew of suspects presents itself. From the woman’s business partner, to her husband’s current mistress, to her own daughter, Alex has her hands full keeping the list of people who could benefit from Maria’s death straight. And with her grandmother hanging out with a local rosary bead-making tattoo artist, her mother adopting a lively dog and her nephew acquiring a pet rat, things couldn’t be more complicated.


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