Waking a Sleeping Bear

| July 18, 2014


Waking a Sleeping Bear

Olivia is a world class daydreamer who has never backed away from a challenge. Having grown up under the shadow of back to back tragedies in her hometown of Bear Cove, she has somehow emerged as the bright spot in a town that has all but given up. Eternally optimistic, she has big plans to save her beloved lake town – and save it in grand fashion.
As summer makes one final curtain call over Bear Cove, and the locals warily eye the ever increasing empty storefronts with a collective sigh of defeat, three men arrive in town and turn Olivia’s world upside down.
There’s Levi, the lost wandering soul, convinced he is not worthy of happiness; Ace, on the run from some very determined men who want him silenced forever; and Sam, the ornery, reluctant shop owner who pushes all her buttons.
Three troubled men. One struggling town. Even Olivia’s vast imagination never prepared her for this.


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