Detective’s Shadow

| July 20, 2014


Detective's Shadow

Rachael is a troubled woman who has no memory of her childhood. Kerr is a secretive private investigator who wants to forget his past. When Rachael finally escapes from an abusive relationship she turns to Kerr, her only friend, for help.

Thrown together, they form an unlikely partnership as she becomes his assistant and they tackle a case of apparent suicide. A successful businessman has died of a heroin overdose and the police have closed the case but his widow is convinced it was murder. Gradually they discover that all is not as it seems and ruthless forces are out to stop them from uncovering the truth.

As they work together, he helps her to remember and face up to the fears that have haunted her since childhood but as she starts unravelling the mystery surrounding her friend it becomes harder for him to maintain the barriers he has put up to guard himself against his own demons.


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