In Queen Elizabeth 1’s Court: The Magical Globe Adventures – No 1

| July 21, 2014


In Queen Elizabeth 1's Court: The Magical Globe Adventures - No 1

This is the first book in the “Magical Globe Adventure” series of illustrated bedtime adventure stories for young children. In this episode, brother and sister, Coen and Calleigh have another escapade together after visiting their grandfathers old bookshop and accidentally touching his Magical Globe.

This adventure takes them off to the court of Queen Elizabeth 1st of England in the late 16th century. They are captured by a baron and meet the queen at a royal feast . The queen suspects them of being spies for the Spanish and throws them in a dungeon. They escape and get safely back to their grandfathers bookshop.

The books in the Magical Globe Adventure series are a set of exciting and mysterious adventures experienced by Coen and Calleigh, where the children find themselves in intriguing and unexpected situations before (always) finding a way of getting safely back to their grandfather.

The author of the series is Elliot Gight – an acclaimed childrens writer who describes her writing style as being one of letting her “imaginative eccentricities” run riot and then converting the results into children’s adventures.

We hope you enjoy this first episode in the Magical Globe Adventure series.


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