Left-Hand Kelly

| July 21, 2014


Left-Hand Kelly

Sixteen-year-old Lew Kelly grew up idolizing his enigmatic ex-gunfighter father. Everyone thought Lew’s habit of practicing his quick draw was a harmless amusement–until the day when a boys’ hot-headed quarrel exploded into gunplay, with disastrous results.

Three years later, Lew is withdrawn and bitter–and he still carries a gun. When an unexpected twist of circumstances forces him to face again the memories and the aftermath of that ill-fated fight, will old wrongs be righted–or will the result be an even worse tragedy than before?

Novella, approximately 38,000 words.

Praise for Left-Hand Kelly:

“A very difficult to put down read…Foley’s characters are both complex and well developed…The tale is beautifully paced, building through tense and frantic scenes to its neat conclusion.” ~ Western Fiction Review


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