Louisiana Shifters Collection (Louisiana Shifters Series Book 4)

| July 24, 2014


Louisiana Shifters Collection (Louisiana Shifters Series Book 4)

Two full novels and one novella, 545 pages filled with pulse-pounding action and steamy romance. This erotic paranormal romance series centers on the Louisiana Shifters – powerful, sexy creatures capable of changing from human to to wolf.

Hunky alpha males, feisty heroines, and one hell of a thrill ride… that what this series is all about. Lightweights beware – these books keep the reader up all night, chapter after chapter, trying to wring the last drop from the overabundance of love and lust dripping from the pages of the Louisiana Shifters series.

Titles included:

Shifter In Ascent – Louisiana Shifters Book One

Sweet, quiet Tessa Anderson made one little mistake – wrong place, wrong time, wrong guy. Suddenly she finds herself in the territory of the Louisiana Shifters – powerful, sexy creatures capable of changing from human to to wolf.

Before Tessa knows it, her baby sister is abducted and her whole life is turned upside down. Desperate to save her sister, Tessa turns to sexy, deeply conflicted Shifter Jace Copeland for help.

A breathless passion is sparked between them – but when all the secrets come out, Tessa will have to choose whom to protect – her beloved sister, or the alpha male whose kisses melt her heart?

Sexy, fun, and fast-paced, this book takes readers down a series of hairpin twists and turns. The world of the Louisiana Shifters opens wide, a page-turning pleasure that also sets up the next novel in this erotic paranormal romance series.

Shifter’s Dream – Louisiana Shifters Book Two

Emma Cauley is pretty sure she’s finally lost her mind the day she looks up and locks gazes with the tall, dark, and smoking hot man of her dreams… literally, she’s pretty sure he’s a figment of her imagination.

While Connall is no hallucination, he is a member of the Louisiana Shifters pack – powerful, sexy creatures capable of changing from human to to wolf. A mystery blossoms, drawing Emma into Connall’s world… and into his arms.

A dying boy, a white rose, and a mysterious man that can take the shape of a wolf…. as the pieces of fate’s puzzle begin to fall into place, a fierce passion will be unleashed, and the events will change more than just Emma’s life forever…

Fast-paced, clever, and sensual, this book gives the reader a little sex, a little enigma, and a satisfying happily-ever-after finish. It also sets up the next book in this erotic paranormal romance series.

Shifter’s Legacy – Louisiana Shifters Book Three

Hell-on-wheels Louisiana Shifter Madeline Copeland has struck a deal with childhood sweetheart Jasper McDonough: leave Tessa Anderson alone, and he can have Maddie as his mate… on paper, at least. The deal is struck, the bites exchanged, and the mating consummated.

There’s just one problem. Proud, sexy, deeply scarred Jasper wants more than just a handful of words from his new mate. He’s determined to have all of her, which ruins all of Maddie’s carefully-laid plans. Neither can settle for half measures, and their explosive chemistry means they can’t seem to stay apart for long.

The plot spins, involving jealous ex-lovers, a powerful witch with a serious vendetta, and Shifter pack politics that threaten to tear the couple apart. Can the star-crossed sweethearts put aside their barbs in order to face the maelstrom of trouble coming their way? Moreover, can they put their egos aside and learn to truly love one another?

Sweet, sexy, and thrilling, this book takes readers on a truly satisfying journey. Readers can’t put down this page-turner, falling in love right along with Maddie and Jasper in the third book of this erotic paranormal romance series.

Mature themes, explicit language, and super steamy sex scenes. 18+!


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