The Long Winter

| July 24, 2014


The Long Winter

During the winter of 1950, private detective Jim Lloyd finds himself deep in the hole in Capitol City. Money is tight, he’s behind on his bills, and his last job won’t be paying out. He thinks he finally caught a break when a seemingly simple job falls into his lap. All he has to do is find an old friend of his, a gimpy musician named Freddy Adams, and he’ll be rewarded handsomely. Unfortunately for Jim, he’s not the only one looking for his old pal Freddy.

Lloyd tracks Freddy down and tails him to a train station. That’s where things go sideways. A shootout erupts at the station, and a few days later, Freddy turns up dead in the river, riddled with bullets. Jim finds himself neck deep in high society politics, but against his better judgement, he starts poking around about Freddy’s murder.

Lloyd knows he’s out of his depth, and yet, even as he attempts to track down a violent killer during one of the worst snow storms in Capitol City history, he can’t stop himself from trying to figure out the answer to one very simple question: Who killed Freddy Adams, and why?


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