The Public Speaking Gold Mine

| July 25, 2014


The Public Speaking Gold Mine

In 1912, the late, great Dale Carnegie first codified the ‘’rules’’ of public speaking, coaching business people in public speaking and presentation skills. Prior to that time, there were neither ‘’rules’’ nor any recognized trainings available.

In nearly a century since then, countless teachers, trainers, and courses have either taught Carnegie’s rules, or attempted to improve on them.

In 2006, a simple training program known as ‘’Public Speaking Gold Mine’’ changed those rules, possibly forever!

The difference between just ‘’saying a few words’’ and being a fearless, persuasive, and profitable speaker is largely dependent on your understanding of a few key strategies that usually are not taught in public speaking training courses and books. Kerry O’Hallaron’s ‘The Public Speaking Gold Mine’’ shows you how to take the maximum advantage of the knowledge, skills, and abilities you possess right now, the advantages that all super successful speakers and trainers capitalize on as a matter of daily business.

You will discover a wealth of proven success techniques which you can implement immediately to exponentially increase your speaking success, income and opportunities. This program is for speakers, trainers, teachers, preachers, business people, and entrepreneurs – and anyone else who has a message to deliver.

No matter where you are presently as a speaker or trainer, this program will show you how to get things done.

In ‘’The Public Speaking Gold Mine’’ you will learn:

•How to pick a niche topic that virtually guarantees success
•How to quickly get more speaking opportunities than you can handle
•How to turn your fear of public speaking into a passion for profits
•How to transform your ‘’specialized knowledge’’ (or where to get some, if you don’t have it) into a money making asset.

In this exciting training program, you will learn how to make every presentation a sales presentation – whether you are selling a product, a service, an idea, a concept, or a belief.

You’ll be able to look at your future as a speaker, presenter, or trainer in a whole new light; one in which you use what you know to educate your audience, make them hunger for more of you, and then give them the chance to satisfy that hunger. When you’ve mastered “The Public Speaking Gold Mine,’’ there will be no limit to what you can do in your speaking career.


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