Church of the White Rabbits

| July 25, 2014


Church of the White Rabbits

Revenge, blackmail, family feuds, revolution… and lots of white rabbits!

Published June 2014, ‘Church of the White Rabbits’ is the new novel from award-winning British indie author Huw Thomas.

Inspired by the likes of ‘Cold Comfort Farm’ and the TV series such as ‘Northern Exposure’ and ‘Two Thousand Acres of Sky’, the new book marks a departure in style. No murders or mysteries, but lots of eccentric characters and quirky adventures.

‘Church of the White Rabbits’:

A saga of family feuds and power struggles on an island populated by eccentrics, misfits… and an ever-growing number of white rabbits.

Far out in the Atlantic lies Black Island, a remote and windswept outpost of the British Isles. Once the haunt of pirates, life here follows a different pace.

For more than two centuries, the Black Family has ruled the island as their personal fiefdom. But, although they still control most aspects of island life, the family line is in danger of dying out.

With no heir to be found, the island’s affairs are now in the grasping hands of family steward Clarence Wherry, whose financial incompetence is matched only by his arrogance.

Mad old Keziah Black has her own ideas on how to deal with Clarence — and for taking revenge for an ancient injustice. Keziah – now in her 70s and generally regarded as a deranged old witch with few social graces – is secretly manoeuvring to take over the family business. And whether by blackmail or rigging games of poker, Keziah isn’t going to let anything or anyone stand in her way.

Down in the island’s only town, impulsive ex-fisherman Arthur Judd has returned after a 15-year absence. Now, he’s trying to introduce a dash of contemporary culture to this remote community with a new café offering everything from skinny lattes to breakfast muffins.

Arthur’s world is turned upside down twice: first when he suddenly finds himself looking after a baby daughter he never knew he had and again when the lovely but elusive Lola Maguire appears on the island.

Most of the time, there’s little contact — or love — lost between the Black Family and the rest of the islanders. However, trouble breaks out after Clarence Wherry’s former assistant falls off a balcony, suffers a breakdown and runs off to live in the hills with a colony of white rabbits.

After several years, the white rabbits have been doing what rabbits do best and Clarence decides to thin their numbers. The locals take umbrage at Clarence’s high-handed behaviour and a plot is hatched to save the white rabbits.


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