Strong Like Me

| July 25, 2014


Strong Like Me

Jessica has it all: beauty, wealth, and a fully staffed mansion. She’s about to turn sixteen, but her “frenemies” aren’t exactly itching to celebrate the big event. And when a paranormal visitation freaks her out a few days before her birthday, the only friend she can turn to is her horse.

Rocked by the miserable glimpse of her future the eerie message reveals, Jessica must choose to change her life if she wants to change her future. But as she begins to consider her past, it’s not just her skeletons that start to surface. Soon she uncovers that her workaholic father and socialite mother have dark secrets of their own, and that some of her frenemies are hiding worse betrayals than she would have ever guessed.

Feeling more alone than ever before, and overwhelmed by the paranormal messages she’s receiving, Jessica seeks the help of an eccentric staff member who can communicate with the other side. And as her world flips upside down and everything she thought she knew falls apart, Jessica begins to wonder if she has any future at all.

A story of surprising courage and unexpected friendship, Strong Like Me brilliantly walks the fine line between this world and the other.


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