The Light I Never Knowed

| July 26, 2014


The Light I Never Knowed

Curtis Toomb never finished his first shot at glory; it had a beginning and an ending, all it lacked was a middle. He gave up, wrote other things, died. After discovering notebooks containing the oft started but never finished middle section his young widow, Lily, attempts to put the pieces together. The resulting work becomes not only Curtis’s fractured swan song but a testament to Lily’s desire to see her husband’s final wish come true (despite having very little experience or faith in the material).

The Light I Never Knowed tells the story of Blinking Halfway, a novel that refused to die as easily as its authors did. It is the unabashedly autobiographical story of Curtis Toomb, a young man whose fear of loving trumps his fear of dying. While languishing in the hospital he alternates between dreading and anticipating the arrival of Marie, a woman he once loved at the wrong time in her life and who now loves him at the wrong time in his. He dreams, he reminisces, he waits, he ponders life and death and other unimportant things and, at last, makes the reluctant decision to go on living and maybe loving.


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