To The Lions – A Gage Hartline Thriller

| July 27, 2014


To The Lions - A Gage Hartline Thriller

In Spain, former Green Beret Gage Hartline accepts a risky job inserting him into notorious Berga Prison—a place as sleazy as it is deadly. Charged with protecting the son of a wealthy mobster, Gage is pitted against rival gangs as well as corrupt government officials. He soon finds himself double-crossed by nearly everyone involved, leaving him on his own, fighting to survive. Gage has the training. Gage has the nerve. But will it be enough?

The second novel in Chuck Driskell’s Gage Hartline series, To The Lions uses Driskell’s trademark recipe of thrills, suspense, espionage and romance to create a memorable tale that Kirkus Reviews describes as “scorching” and “crisp with innovation”.


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