Pivot (The Jack Harper Trilogy Book 1)

| August 3, 2014


Pivot (The Jack Harper Trilogy Book 1)

Winner of the Indie Reader Discovery Awards for Horror

Winner of the top prize (Gold) in Horror for the eLit Book Awards

Finalist for the Next Generation Indie Book Award

Charles Baker of Indie Reader says, “PIVOT is an intelligent, beautifully written thriller filled with equal parts terror and bizarreness, but never forgetting that it has a heart far larger than it at first lets on.” – See more at: http://indiereader.com/2014/05/pivot/

For some, the Devil introduces himself as an average man. For others, he crushes their souls and makes them bleed. For Jack Harper, the Devil renders himself a savior.

But things are changing.

Once a loyal follower of Cyrus and an accomplished killer, Jack Harper now begins to question everything. There are new, strange forces at work that are intruding on Jack’s kills, abilities, and very being. Maybe, though, deep down Jack has been waiting for this intrusion, and maybe Cyrus is not as powerful as he seems.


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