Seeking Daylight – Part I – Journey to the Underhill Gates

| August 4, 2014


Seeking Daylight - Part I - Journey to the Underhill Gates (Louis Witherspoon Adventure Series Book 1)

Louis Witherspoon has little idea just how important he is.

After all, at Hinsdale Academy he is known by his classmates as little more than the scrawny kid who was only accepted to the prestigious school because he is the grandson of the janitor…that is, if he’s noticed at all.

But everything changes when Louis’ grandfather suddenly disappears, and he is left with a mysterious map that once belonged to a father Louis has never known. Along with his only two friends, Owen and Sophie, Louis is thrust into another world that he might have found right under his nose, if he had known where to look for it.

It is a story of friendship, hardship and of fantastic adventure. But most of all, it’s the story of three very different classmates who rise to meet the awesome challenges that life has thrown in their way…together.

What readers are saying about “Seeking Daylight”:

“The type of story that will have you believing a portal to another realm might be buried in your basement.” – Stephen P.

“Potential classic in the fantasy genre.” – Lucidity

Whether you are a first time fantasy reader, or have grown up with the genre, there’s sure to be something for you to love about P.J. Owen’s episodic fantasy series, Seeking Daylight.


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