| August 5, 2014



Dachota – that’s Brandon to you – is torn from his Minneapolis home and placed with Lakota Sioux relatives he hardly knew existed. Living on their ranch in the Black Hills of South Dakota feels like he’s landed on another planet. It’s not about a clash of cultures for Big City Brandon. It all has to do with survival.

Can he survive sixth grade in a school where grades depend on attendance? How can he hide his father’s Norwegian skin color which makes him an easy target? There are endless chores on a ranch. And mean chickens! And who understands Indian humor, especially when they hardly ever smile? Don’t forget the coyotes, cougars and the stud bull Jolly Good who is jolly bad, not to mention rattlesnakes at every step. He never knew how good city life was until he lost it.

Follow Brandon as he searches for a new normal in this modern cowboy-Indian world.

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