OUR ETERNAL FLAME (The O’ Grady Clan Book 1)

| August 5, 2014


OUR ETERNAL FLAME (The O' Grady Clan Book 1)

Patrick O’ Grady at eighteen loved Kathleen and promised to marry her when he graduated from Havard.

Kathleen returned his love, but in a noble gesture of unselfishness disappeared from his life.

Eighteen years later, Patrick and his brother Sean have achieved their goals in O’ Grady Brothers Construction in New York City. Handsome, wealthy and single he escorts beautiful women to events covered in the society pages, but he wants more; a marriage and family.

Kathleen, on the brink of finalizing her divorce and sending her daughter to college in the fall, plans to celebrate her release from responsibilities by embracing life the way she should have done in her late teens and early twenties.

Their lives collide and they begin a roller coaster ride of emotions and secrets that cause them to both evaluate what destiny has in store for them.


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