Ticket to Earth and Back

| August 5, 2014


Ticket to Earth and Back

Finally available in English! The book was first published in Germany where it evolved from a secret gem to one of the publishing house’s bestselling items. After it has transformed the lives of thousands of people throughout the country, it is now available to English readers.

About the book:

Deep inside we’re all spiritual beings.

The more we can remember this, the happier our lives will be.

The little spirit finally gets to travel to earth to experience human existence! For now, he’s still aware of his creative power and knows that all the worries and hardships of everyday life are merely like the thorns of a flower, to be used as steps leading up to the blossom. But the more time he spends on earth, the more he forgets his spiritual origin, like most of us…

The poignant story of a “perfectly normal” life, enchantingly told by Anna Camilla Kupka. Come embark on the journey, and accompany the little spirit on his touching voyage through his life on earth.



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