Pieces of Ivy

| August 6, 2014


Pieces of Ivy

A horrific murder.

A town with secrets. A forest with far worse. And nowhere to run.

After breaking free from her powerful father and a paralyzing childhood terror, Vicki Starr makes a hard-fought name for herself at the bureau. Only to step away from the most sensational serial-killer case of her career when a stolen glance at an incoming file unravels everything. The brutal slaying of a small-town schoolteacher draws Vicki in, coerces her to partner with the disgraced Special Agent Hank Dashel and traps her in an inescapable paranormal snare—ever more immersed in the young victim’s grisly fate as forces outside and inside New Brighton, California, threaten to destroy Vicki and the world she thought she knew.

Are some truths simply too hard to bear? Are some fates so terrible that death can’t come soon enough?

Dean Covin’s engaging paranormal thriller lures you to the line just past comfort and then gives you a hard shove from behind. His twists on this story of a cruel small-town murder are made ever more enticing by its bevy of distinctive characters. A little salting of humor lightens the sharp edge of the horrific turns lying in wait as Dean’s tight craft and quick pace keeps the pages turning. Pieces of Ivy’s immersive tension and shocking revelations promise to evoke sweat and snatch your breath.

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