Savage Hunger: Savage

| August 6, 2014


Savage Hunger: Savage

The man who vows to protect her may be her biggest threat.

Savage, Book 1

Being the daughter of a world-renowned scientist, Sienna Peters has struggled to carve out her own career in the field. But her world is sent spinning when she discovers a secret species being held in the lab where she works, and the horrible things being done to them. Compelled to do more than hand off an information-packed jump drive to her father, she sets out to free the creatures.

The minute his team enters the compound, federal agent Warrick Donovan knows their mission will have more trouble than they bargained on. Unfortunately, trouble comes in the form of Sienna Peters, the younger sister of his close friend. Now not only does he need to save her pretty ass, he needs to discover just how involved she is with the imprisonment of the shifters.

Sienna knows she should trust no one–not even the man she might still love. But as the danger escalates and past passion ignites, her heart has other ideas. Even when the shroud of mystery is ripped off more than one stunning truth…The man who vows to protect her may be her biggest threat.

Warning: Must love alpha males, be intrigued by federal agents who may or may not shift into wolves, and most importantly be prepared for intense action of the dangerous and sexual kind.

Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

Sienna stepped into the room and glanced around with a critical eye. “This is my room?”

He opened his mouth to inform her they’d be sharing, but changed his mind.

She’d figure it out soon enough. Besides, better not get her all pissed off and then leave, who knew what he’d come back to?

Crossing the room to the dresser, he pulled out one of the drawers. “Go ahead and get yourself settled in. Here’s a T-shirt you can throw on for bed. Unless you want to sleep in that dress.”

She made no effort to catch the shirt he tossed at her.

“You have clothes here?” she asked skeptically.

“Not mine personally. All our safe houses are stocked with them. We need to be prepared to stay for awhile.” He shut the drawer. “There are also some packages of underwear in there. Not exactly the silk and lace type of stuff, but I bet you can pull it off.”

Sienna’s face reddened and the glare she turned on him should’ve had the effect of a cold shower. Instead he found himself getting hard. Dammit, what was it about her that turned him on? She could be scrubbing toilets and he’d find it sexy. And this is why you’ve stayed away from her for the past six years.

“When are you going to tell me more about you guys?” she asked as she tucked back a strand of hair that had fallen free.

Before he could answer, his gaze caught on the flash of silver. He stepped forward and pulled her hand forward, circling her wrist with his fingers and touching the thin bracelet that lay there.

His chest tightened and he frowned, lifting his gaze to hers again. “You still have this?”

A pretty flush filled Sienna’s cheeks and her mouth tightened. “It went with the dress.” She tugged her wrist away and cleared her throat. “You didn’t answer my question.”

All thoughts of the bracelet and what it symbolized abandoned his mind and he bit back a sigh. “No, I didn’t and I don’t have time now. We’ll talk later.”

“Wow, that sounds a bit like déjà vu,” she mocked, her fists clenching and her mouth tightening. “How much later? I’ve been dragged to a safe house by men dressed up like G.I. Joe on crack. I mean, come on already, Warrick. I think I deserve an explanation.”

“You’ll get an explanation later, Sienna. And then I’ll get mine,” he warned her but felt no triumph when her face lost color at his warning. Turning he headed toward the door. “Because you will explain to me just how the hell you’re involved with this goddamned mess.”


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